MLB 2016 Season Preview : National League East Division

Hello their once again MLB and Baseball Fans , My preview of The 2016 MLB Divisional Previews continues. Next The National League East 1st a recap of the division from 2015 , The New York Mets where the divisional winners and The National League Champions in 1st place at 90-72 , in 2nd The Washington Nationals at 83-79 , in 3rd The Florida Marlins at 71-91 , in 4th The Atlanta Braves (my 2nd favorite MLB Team) at 67-95 and in 5th The Philadelphia Phillies at 63-99. Over the years The NL East was dominated by The Braves in the 90’s and early 2000’s and then The Phillies in the mid 2000’s however now their is a changing of the guard in the division. The Mets , Nationals and Marlins are for the next few seasons going to be good teams and right now The Braves and Phillies are rebuilding. Still this is a exciting division and The NL East should be fun to watch in 2016.