MLB 2016 Season Preview : National League Central Division

Next up in my MLB 2016 Division Previews The NL Central. 1st a recap from 2015 The Division winner was 1st The St. Louis Cardinals at 100-62 , in 2nd The Pittsburgh Pirates at  98-64  , in 3rd also The Wild Card Winners The Chicago Cubs at 98-64 , 4th The Milwaukee Brewers at 68-94 and 5th The Cincinnati Reds at 64-98. This Division I only see 3 of the 5 teams as big contenders The Cardinals , Cubs and Pirates and it will be that way for the next few seasons. The Cubs are a team on the rise and The Cardinals and Pirates are almost a lock to make the postseason and the wild card game each year. Some great talent in this division and each Seasons their is always a surprise. The NL Central going to be fun to watch in 2016