MLB 2016 Season Preview : American League East Division

Hello their once again MLB and Baseball Fans , My preview of The 2016 MLB Divisional Previews continues. Next The American League East 1st a recap of the division from 2015 , The Toronto Blue Jays where the winners of the division in 1st place at 93-89  , in 2nd was The New York Yankees at 87-75 , in 3rd was The Baltimore Orioles at 81-81 , in 4th was The Tampa Bay Rays at 80-82 , and in 5th was The Boston Red Sox at 78-84. The AL East has been one of the toughest divisions in Baseball the last few seasons and 2016 will be no exception. Each team has a shot to win The East and their is always a surprise or two coming from the division. 2016 going to be another fun season in The AL East.  Will see who comes out on top.