MLB 2016 Season Preview : American League Central Division

Hello  their Baseball and MLB Fans this is the 1st of many MLB Divisional Previews. Now to be clear this will not be a predictions post that will be saved for the start of Spring Training. Today I will breakdown The AL Central 1st. The American League Central 1st a 2015 recap The Kansas City Royals where the division winners and The World Series Champions at 95-67 , 2nd The Minnesota Twins at 83-79 , 3rd The Cleveland Indians (my hometown team) at 81-80 , 4th The Chicago White Sox at 76-86 and 5th The Detroit Tigers at 74-87. The AL Central is one of the best divisions in Baseball with so many teams that could win the division in 2016. Each of The AL Central Teams have made some moves in the offseason to get better and now more than ever the division is up for grabs. Each one of the 5 Teams has a shot at winning and contenting in the AL Central and their is some amazing talent in this division. Now I will not pick a winner today but lets just say The AL Central will be a fun division to watch in 2016 in MLB.