DC Comics DC Extended Universe DCEU : Lets wait and see how it turns out 1st.

Hello my fellow Geek Fans and DC Comics Fans , This will not be my thoughts or reviews of things it’s more like a opinion blog post. And today it is all about The DC Comics DC Extended Universe known as The DCEU. Now to be fair I happen to like both Marvel Comics and DC Comics equally but I also understand that some like DC Comics more and some like Marvel Comics more for me though I like both. Marvel has done a great job with their Marvel Studios Films and The Marvel Studios TV Shows on ABC and Netflix and The X-Men Films have been great aside from X-Men 3 and Marvel / Sony well that’s another story for another day. DC Comics on the other with their TV Shows on The CW like Arrow , The Flash , and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow which comes out soon has been good so far as well as CBS’s Supergirl. DC Comics Films well not so much I won’t go into the past DC Comics Films because that is a different Universe than this current one but to recap their have been in prior to the current DC Comics DCEU 5 Superman Films , 7 Batman Films and also Green Lantern which that one was not so good. The current movies in the DCU have been only one Man of Steel which came out in 2013 while it was good and I liked it for the most part other fans did not enjoy it as much. And now with Batman V Superman soon to come out on March 25th 2016 and future films to follow like , Suicde Squad (2016) , Wonder Woman (2017) , Justice League Part One (2018) , The Flash (2018) , Aquaman (2018) , Shazam (2019) , Justice League Part Two (2019) and many move movie to follow. Now am I excited for these films is the question. The answer has been lets wait and see how Batman V Superman turns out come March 25th 2016. Honestly their has not been to much to get me excited about this new DC Comics  DC Extended Universe and the trailers have not convinced me either. DC Comics has a lot of catching up to do with with Marvel and Marvel Studios as far as making really good Superhero Movies. And lets be honest right now Marvel Studios can do no wrong with their films. DC Comics and DC Entertainment needs Batman V Superman to be good because if it is then yes that mean more films will come. I remain hopeful for The DC Extended Universe but lets wait and see how it turns out 1st.