MLB Baseball : Why Baseball is my favorite sport and it always will be.

Hello their Baseball Fans , In addition to being a huge Star Wars , Marvel , Disney and Geek Fan I am also a huge Baseball and MLB Fan. Baseball is a great game and The National Pastime. My passion as a Baseball Fan began in 1988 watching 1st with Kirk Gibson’s home run in the 1988 World Series and then following my hometown Cleveland Indians and later in 1991 when The Atlanta Braves began their run of 14 division titles in a row from 1991-2005. The game of Baseball is a fun sport and has a lot of history behind it.  Family’s , fathers and sons , fans love the game and lots enjoy watching it. There’s not to say it has not had problems it sure has like , The Black Sox scandal of 1919 , Segregation , Pete Rose gambling on the sport and then banned from the game in 1989 , The Earthquake during The 1989 World Series in San Francisco , The many work stoppages the worst of all being 1994 where The Postseaon and World Series was canceled and of course Steroids. But through it all and all Baseball has over come a lot to be the great sport it is today. Spring  Training , Regular Season , 3 rounds of The Postseason and The World Series there is a lot of games played each year and each something special happens each Baseball Season. The history of Baseball on Radio and TV began with Radio and then TV came into play broadcasting the game in the early days of Baseball on TV it was ABC and NBC and then in the early 90’s it was CBS (the worst MLB TV Contract of all-time) and today many games on TV with all the different Regional Sports Networks and National Networks like MLB Network , Fox Sports , Fox Sports 1 , TBS and ESPN. Baseball on Radio has not changed that much but now you can listen to the games on The MLB official website and on Satellite Radio with SiriusXM Radio. So the game of Baseball broadcasting wise has changed a lot since the early days more cameras and the technology has come so far the last 20 plus years. Also many changes have been made to the game such as Instant Replay and now StatCast. One thing that has not changed in Baseball however the bases are the same the batters hit the ball the same way and the game is exciting. Baseball and MLB is as popular as it has ever been. Baseball has always been my favorite sport and always will be.