TV Review : The Flash : Season 2 : Episode 9 Running to Stand

Hello Speedsters and DC Comics Fans here is my review of The Mid Season of The Flash Season 2 Episode 9 Running to Stand Still 1st as always a description of the episode Weather Wizard returns to break Captain Cold and The Trickster out of Iron Heights, but Barry is determined to not let that happen. Meanwhile, Joe and Iris meet Wally West. Now on to my thoughts on the episode Warning Full Spoilers to Follow , I really liked this episode it was good , action packed intense and emotional and it ended on a cliffhanger. Barry and Team Flash sure had their hands full dealing with the Trickster , Weather Wizard , and Captain Cold. Mark Hamill as The Evil Trickster stole the episode he was good and you really felt for danger Team Flash and Barry. Wally West returned in the episode which was good to see. Is it me or was the weapon he and Cisco was building looked like a oversize Sonic Screwdriver for those of you who are Doctor Who fans will understand what I get when mentioning that haha. Anyways the battle between The Trickster , Weather Wizard , and Captain Cold was great and The Flash saved the day again. I was scared for a second Patty was going to make a mistake killing Weather Wizard than goodness though she listened to Barry. The episode end with a Flash Christmas but then things turned for the worse and cliffhanger came about when Harrison is now working for Zoom. What will that mean? Well will have to find out once Season 2 come back from break in early 2016. Overall I give The Flash Season 2 Episode 9 Running to Stand Still a 9/10 a great episode. The Flash returns in January 2016