Star Wars Canon and Star Wars Legends My Story and how I got into Star Wars Literature

Hello Star Wars Fans , Now on the blog and on Social Media I’ve talked about how I got into Star Wars and Star Wars Fandom. What I have not talked about yet is how I got into  Star Wars Literature both with The Expanded Universe now called Star Wars Legends and now moving forward with Star Wars Canon. Here is my story I got into Star Wars Literature in 1997 picking up The Star Wars Trilogy read a long books with the cassette tapes. My 1st Star Wars Novel was The Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace Novelization in 1999 with my 1st Legends novel being Star Wars Rogue Planet in 2000 and then in 2001 my mom gave me a hardcover of Star Wars The New Rebellion in 2001 as a birthday give to me. Did not buy any Star Wars Books novels wise until 2009 when I got The Novelizations of Attack of The Clones and Revenge of The Sith from Amazon Marketplace and it was only recently in 2015 I got The Original Trilogy (A New Hope , The Empire Strikes Back and Return of The Jedi) Novelizations in Paperback. Also I’ve gotten other Legends Novels like Heir To The Empire , Choices of One , and Maul Lockdown some Legends and Canon wise early on in my Novels Collection on the thin side. Comics wise I only for Legends have the Comic Adaptations of The The Original Trilogy (A New Hope , The Empire Strikes Back and Return of The Jedi) and one from Legacy also Darth Maul Son of Daithomir which falls into both Canon and Legends as well. Now for Star Wars Legends even though I like some of the stories their where others that did not jive with me like Dark Times , The early Clone Wars Stories before The TV Show , Invasion , The 1st few chapters of Legacy etc. Star Wars Canon wise I have collected and read’ed most of the stories from Marvel , Del Ray Books and Disney Publishing so far and I’m working on getting the young reader books. Now I know some like Star Wars Legends more and some like Star Wars Canon more. For me though I happen to enjoy both. Another thing I want to mention I have not been the biggest fan when it comes to The Star Wars Timeline stuff at least I was not until I found The Star Wars Timeline Gold and The Star Wars Upcoming Books and Comics / Star Wars Timeline Project pages as well as the many Star Wars Podcasts on the subject like Star Wars Beyond The Films , Jedi Journals and many others. It’s because of those pages and such I have now a better understand with how Star Wars Legends and Star Wars Canon works in terms of where the stories in that Galaxy Far Far Away line up. Keep on reading Star Wars Fans and MTFBWY Always!!!