TV Review Arrow : Season 4 : Episode 6 : Lost Souls

Hello Archers and DC Comics Fans , Here is my review of Arrow Season 4 Episode 6 Lost Souls 1st a description of the episode :  Felicity is frantic when she learns that Ray is alive and being held by Damien Darhk. Felicity’s guilt over not finding Ray sooner causes tension between her and Oliver. Now on to my thoughts on the episode Warning Full Spoilers to Follow , I really liked this episode it was after a slow start good , action packed , intense and emotional. Team Arrow sure had their hands full dealing with Damien Darhk and The Hive while also trying to find Ray. I liked it that everyone of the cast got to have their moment in the episode. While I’m not a huge fan of Moma Smoak it was nice seeing her in the episode. Ray oh Ray another episode where we see him 1st he’s small then he is big again I have never been a fan of his character and I will be glad when he moves to DC’s Legends of Tomorrow he just bores me. Sarah still feeling the effects of the pit and the reasons of her leaving after this episode felt real. I thought this whole episode was going to turn into another Felicity and Oliver episode but thank goodness it did not and it came back very strong in the 2nd half of the episode. Overall I give Arrow Season 4 Episode 6 Lost Souls a 8 /10  a good episode and can’t wait for next weeks episode titled Brotherhood