Editorial : Star Wars is a Saga

Hello Star Wars Fans again , On December 18th 2015 we are going into a new era of Star Wars when Stars The Force Awakens coming opens in theaters along with the many Books , Comics , Toys , Collectibles etc. coming out and a another new generation of Star Wars Fans to enjoy that Galaxy Far Far Away. Before we get their though I want to talk about why Star Wars is a Saga , Now over the years their have been these endless debates in Star Wars Fandom which Era of Star Wars is the best is it The Original Trilogy , The Prequel Trilogy , The 2 animated series The Clone Wars or Rebels with Star Wars Literature The Expanded Universe now Legends or The Canon aka Story Group Canon and on and on? Well the answer or at least my answer is at the end of the day Star Wars is a Saga of 6 soon to more Films it is Luke Skywalker , Han Solo , Princess Leia , C-3PO , R2-D2 . Chewbacca , Darth Vader / Anakin Skywalker , Yoda , Obi-Wan Kenobi , Ahsoka Tano , Qui-Gon Jin , Darth Maul , Palpatine , Count Dooku , Boba Fett , Jango Fett and the list goes on. No matter what your views on The Saga are good or bad Star Wars is all about telling a good story , mythological motifs and the heroes journey. It’s the story about the Skywalkers , good vs evil , The Jedi vs The Sith , The Empire vs The Rebels. It’s one Saga not a Vs issue or a divide within fandom. It’s something some of my favorite Star Wars Podcasts like RebelForce Radio , Fandom Awakens Radio , Star Wars Jogcast , The Voice of The Republic , Skywalking Through Neverland , The Star Wars Underworld , The Wolfpack Podcast , Star Wars Wastelands , Coffee With Kenobi , Assembly of Geeks , The Star Wars Report Family of Podcasts , Disney Vault Talk Rebel Yell , Bombad Radio , Jedi Journals , Geek Out Loud , Geek Talk and many more talk about all the time that indeed Star Wars is a Saga and their something of Star Wars to like for everyone. If you like The Original Trilogy , The Prequels , The Clone Wars , Rebels , Legends or The Canon their is something their for you and with The Sequel Trilogy Era their will be something their for you. But remember at the end of the day there is no issue or a divide within fandom Star Wars is a Saga and it’s one of The Best Story’s in Film History and a major part of Pop Culture. MTFBWY Always!!!