TV Review : Arrow (The CW / DC Comics TV) : Season 4 : Episode 3 : Restoration

Hello Archers and DC Comics Fans , Here is my review of Arrow Season 4 Episode 3 Restoration 1st a description of the episode : The growing tension between Oliver and Diggle puts both their lives at risk when they go after Damien Darhk and a H.I.V.E. deployed meta-human. Meanwhile, Laurel talks Thea into returning to Nanda Parbat to ask her father to put Sara into the Lazarus Pit. However, Laurel is surprised when Nyssa refuses to do it. Now on to my thoughts on the episode Warning Full Spoilers To Follow , I really liked this episode it was good , action packed , scary at times , suspenseful , sad , emotional also it ended on a cliffhanger. Oliver and Team Arrow sure hand their hands full dealing with Damien Darhk & The H.I.V.E. Also The Flashbacks well done. Diggle and Oliver starting slowly to trust each other again. Laurel and Thea (Speedy) know that even though they want Sarah back The Lazarus Pit is something not to be messed with. I also liked how this episode and also the recent episode of The Flash sets up DC’s Legends of Tomorrow as well. Overall I give  Arrow Season 4 Episode 3 Restoration a 8.5 / 10 a good episode and can’t wait for next weeks episode titled Beyond Redemption