TV Review : Doctor Who (BBC America) : Series 9 : Episode 5 : The Girl Who Died

Hello their Whovians and fellow Doctor Who Fans , Here is my review of Doctor Who Series 9 Episode 5 The Girl Who Died 1st a description of the episode :  In a Viking village, a girl named Ashildr (Maisie Williams) is about to make a desperate mistake. The Mire are the deadliest mercenaries in the galaxy, famed for showing no mercy and Ashildr has just declared war on them. The Doctor and Clara have 12 hours to turn a peaceful village into strong fighters. Now on to my thoughts on the episode Warning Full Spoilers Here , I really liked this episode it was good , interesting , suspenseful , scary and emotional. The Doctor , Clara & Ashildr sure had their hands full this week dealing with The Mire. Now I do agree compared to the past 4 episodes this episode was not as great but I would not call it a underwhelming episode as some fans & Whiovans are calling it their was some things I enjoyed in it. Good Flashbacks to Series 8 Deep Breath and Series 4 Fires of Pompeii. Ashildr played by Maisie Williams a interesting new character hopefully will see more of her. Overall I give  Doctor Who Series 9 Episode 5 The Girl Who Died a 8 / 10 a good episode and Can’t wait next weeks episode title The Woman Who Lived