Comics Review : Star Wars Lando issue #4 : Marvel Comics

Hello Star Wars Fans , Here is my review of Star Wars Lando issue #4 from Marvel Comics 1st a description of the issue : Lando has made off with one of the most expensive ships in the galaxy. But now, one of the most deadly, effective trackers around is on his tail. Get swindled by the smoothest talker in space! Now to my thoughts on the issue Warning Full Spoilers if you have not read’ed the issue yet , I really liked this issue it had some , great action and adventure , suspense and was scary at times and Lando doing his smooth things as always. We see a return of a Double Bladed Lightsaber from what it looks to be an Inquisitor and not a Sith. Lando sure had his hands full in this issue that is for sure. The Artwork and Cover Artwork once again by Marvel great as always. Overall I give Star Wars Lando issue #4 a 9 / 10 a great issue and this mini series has been much better than the last mini series. Can’t wait for the final issue , issue #5 when I get it soon. MTFBWY Always!!!