Comics Review : Star Wars issue #9 : Marvel Comics

Hello Star Wars Fans , Here is my review of Star Wars issue #9 from Marvel Comics 1st a description of the issue :  Luke’s lightsaber has been stolen and he must retrieve it! Meanwhile, the Imperials are closing in on Han and Leia…set upon them by a mysterious woman from Han’s past! Now to my thoughts on the issue Warning Full Spoilers here if you have not read’ed the issue , I really enjoyed this issue it had great action and adventure and was emotional at times too. The quest for Luke finding his stolen blue lightsaber thought was interesting and Han , Leia and Sana mission I thought was good as well trying to fight off The Empire. The Artwork and Cover Artwork once again by Marvel amazing as always. Overall I give Star Wars issue #9 a  9 / 10 a great issue and can’t wait for issue #10 when I get it soon. MTFBWY !!!