Trading Cards Review : Topps Star Wars Journey To The Force Awakens Trading Cards Hobby Box

Hello Star Wars Fans and Topps Trading Card Fans , Here is a review of The Topps Star Wars Journey To The Force Awakens Trading Cards specifically The Hobby Box 1st an overview of The Trading Cards : 2015 Topps Star Wars: Journey to the Force Awakens trading cards go all the way back to the franchise’s hobby roots and offers the first cards of the seventh film. Done in a style similar to 2004 Topps Star Wars Heritage it is inspired largely by old designs to create new content. Hobby boxes come with a pair of premium inserts, which include autographs, sketch cards and more. The base set is 110 cards. Printed on heavy Heritage-style card stock, they use the iconic blue starfield design from the original 1977 Topps Star Wars Series 1 set. Both the original trilogy and the prequels are included on the checklist. There are also cards that give a glimpse at Star Wars The Force Awakens. Now on to my review of the Hobby Box and Trading Cards , I like these cards and as a fan of The Vintage Star Wars Topps Trading Card design these look great on the 24 point Heritage-style card stock. The insert cards , sticker cards , cloth sticker cards , holographic cards , autograph card etc. look good too I really enjoy these trading cards a lot. A bit of History on The Topps Star Wars Trading Cards they have been around since 1977 / 1978 and where popular for The Original Trilogy when Star Wars came back in the mid 90’s Topps began again with Star Wars with Star Wars Galaxy Trading Cards then beginning in 1999 Topps did Trading Cards for The Star Wars Prequel Trilogy , The Phantom Menace , Attack of The Clone and Revenge of The Sith as well as The Gendy Clone Wars Series and The Clone Wars Animated 2008-2014 Animated series and now Star Wars Rebels and soon The Force Awakens.  Now as much as I like The Star Wars Prequel Trilogy and I do enjoy them I was never huge on The Trading Card Designs for The Prequels Trading Cards I felt it was missing that touch from The Vintage Star Wars Trading Cards from The late 70’s / early 80’s thank goodness though in The Journey To The Force Awakens Trading Card Designs The Prequel Trilogy Cards are on those Classic Vintage Star Wars Trading Card Design very happy about that. The whole Star Wars Saga is represented in these Trading Cards all 7 Films from The Phantom Menace all the way to The Force Awakens plus you could pull out autograph cards from the casts of Star Wars The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels as well as The Films so all eras of Star Wars are represented in these Trading Cards. Overall I give The Topps Star Wars Journey To The Force Awakens Trading Cards a 10 / 10 great trading cards and design being in that Vintage Topps Star Wars Feel and their awesome. Thank You Topps Star Wars and the team their for creating such an amazing set of Trading Cards.