TV Review : The Flash : Season 2 : Episode 1 : The Man Who Saved Central City

Hello Flash Fans , Here is my review of The Flash Season 2 Episode 1 The Man Who Saved Central City 1st a description of the episode : Still feeling responsible for Eddie’s death, Barry pushes his friends away and tries to protect the city on his own; Cisco assists Joe with the Meta Task Force. Now on to my thoughts on the episode Warning Full Spoilers to follow , Overall I liked this episode it was awesome , good , action packed , had some humor and was emotional. Lots of feels in this episode. Barry and Team Flash sure had their hands full dealing with these new Meta Humans. Earth 2 is in play big time as Season 2 continues. Barry went though a lot in this episode trying to fix the singularity above Central City , pushing his friends away and then trusting Team Flash again and battling a new meta human Al Rothstein / Atom-Smasher etc. Barry’s Dad is finally free at last but how will it effect Barry moving forward. Cisco in this episode great and funny as always and Caitlin being a true friend to Barry telling him what happened to the singularity above Central City was not his fault. This episode also a lot of feels in it too the big on being the death of Ronnie Raymond that was sad to see Barry try’ed to save him but it was too late and Barry’s pain felt real. The episode ended on a good note with Barry getting a new modified Flash Costume and will see it in action next week Overall I give The Flash Season 2 Episode 1 The Man Who Saved Central City a 9 / 10 a great episode and a fantastic start to Season 2. Can’t wait for next weeks episode titled  Flash of Two Worlds