TV Review : Castle (ABC) : Season 8 : Episode 3 : PhDead

Here is my review of Castle Season 8 Episode 3 PhDead 1st a description of the episode : When the body of a local college fraternity student is found gruesomely murdered, Castle has to go undercover as a professor in order to gain access to the victim’s world. However, he and Beckett soon discover that behind the fun and games of college are some darker secrets the university wants to keep hidden. Now to my thoughts on the episode Warning Full Spoilers to follow , I thought while not as good as last weeks episode it was still a solid episode. It was good , had some humor , suspenseful and emotional. Castle and Beckett sure hand their hands full solving this case. Also good seeing Alexis working together with her Dad. You can tell that Kate is still dealing with a lot but as always here and Richard are a team and will still together always. Overall I give Castle Season 8 Episode 3 PhDead a 8 / 10 not a bad episode still very solid but not as good as last weeks. Looking forward to the next episode.