TV Review : Castle (ABC) : Season 8 : Episode 2 : XX

Here is my review of Castle Season 8 Episode 2 XX 1st a description of the episode : Beckett’s disappearance is examined from her angle as she fights to stay alive and uncover who wants to see her demise. Now to my thoughts on the episode warning full spoilers to follow. Overall I liked this episode it was  good , action packed , intense , suspenseful and emotional. Thank goodness Kate is safe and back together with Richard that was too close. Also again good seeing Alexis working together with her Dad. Also got to wonder why Kate would leave Richard yet again. Is something still bothering her is she going to take on this mission Castle’s Step Mother told her to take on? Overall I give f Castle Season 8 Episode 2 XX a solid 9 / 10 a great episode and Can’t wait for next weeks episode titled What Lies Beneath.