Star Wars Action Figure Collecting these days my thoughts

Hello Star Wars Fans  , Star Wars Action Figures these days what do I collect and what am I looking forward to going forward? Now 1st off this will not be a bashing post about Hasbro and other Toy and Collectibles Licensees if you want to hear that their are other FanPages and Groups for that sort of thing. This is just me talking about what Star Wars Action Figures I collect and what I’m looking forward to. Here goes , I started Collecting Star Wars Action Figures in 1995 20 years ago with The 3.75 inch Power of The Force 2 Line and since then for the most part I have gotten some action figures from every Star Wars Action Figure Line from Hasbro from The Original Trilogy to The Prequels to The Clone Wars and now to Star Wars Rebels and Star Wars Awakens. For a long time 3.75 inch was my favorite Star Wars Action Figures to collect. That changed though in late 2013 when The Star Wars The Black Series 6 inch Figures came out and since then with exception of The 5 POA (5 Points of Articulation) Star Wars Rebels 3.75 inch Figures it has been mostly The 6 inch Black Series Figures from The 6 Films , The Force Awakens and soon Star Wars Rebels and Clone Wars I have collected. Now with a new Film Star Wars The Force Awakens coming out I will be collecting both The 6 inch Black Series Figures , The 5 POA (5 Points of Articulation) 3.75 inch Figures from The Force Awakens , Star Wars Rebels and The Movies and The Super Articulated Figures coming out later this year for The Force Awakens that will be Wal-Mart Exclusives. Now I’ve said this many times I don’t have an issue with 5 POA (5 Points of Articulation) some collectors don’t like it but for me no issue over 5 POA it is what it is. Now say what you will about Hasbro they have made some great Star Wars Action Figures and some not so great ones but for The Force Awakens Toy Line I think they will do a great job and give us some good stuff moving forward. And some of the ones doing custom figures and toys for The Force Awakens they do a good job even better than Hasbro sometimes. Also I can’t wait to see what the other Toy and Collectibles Licensees has coming out for Star Wars The Force Awakens. MTFBWY Always!!!