TV Review : Doctor Who (BBC America) : Series 9 : Episode 1 : The Magicians Apprentice

Hello Doctor Who Fans and TV Fans , This is the 1st of my 2015 TV Episode reviews on my blog and many more to come. Here is my review of the opening episode of Doctor Who Series 9  The Magicians Apprentice. Now if you don’t want to read Spoilers just skip to the end of the review , Now then a description of the episode :   When the skies of Earth are frozen by a mysterious alien force, Clara needs her friend, the Doctor. But where is he and what is he hiding from? Overall I enjoyed this episode a lot more than the episodes from Series 8 and where only 1 episode into Series 9. I like it that Clara is working for Unit and also the interaction between The Doctor , Clara & Missy (The Master). Peter Capaldi as The 12th Doctor I’m enjoying more and more and brings a lot to the role as The Doctor and this was also one of the better Clara Oswald episodes as Jenna Coleman was good in this episode as well as Michelle Gomez as Missy (The Master). Now Spoiler Alert the big thing that was reviled in the episode was Davros the leader and creator of The Daleks returning to Doctor Who for the 1st time since Series 4 in The Tennant Era.  Davros as evil as ever and by the time The Doctor tried to stop him it was too late. Plus the episode ended on a Cliffhanger have wait until Series 9 Episode 2 The Witch’s Familiar to see if The Doctor can save Missy (The Master) & Clara. Overall I give Doctor Who Series 9 – Episode 1 – The Magicians Apprentice a solid 8.5 / 10  a great 1st episode and a great start to Series 9 of Doctor Who!!! Allons-Y!!! , Geronimo!!!