Retro Reviews ; Back To The Future (1985)

Next up in retro reviews I’m going to be reviewing Back To The Future from 1985. Back To The Future , Great Scott! , This is Heavy etc. their so iconic quotes. It’s a great movie also it’s a Action Comedy about Time Travel not too many movies about that subject. A great cast Micheal J. Fox , Christopher Lloyd , Lea Thompson , Thomas F Wilson , Crispin Glover etc. it was one of those cast the minute you 1st saw the movie you said wow those guys are amazing. Also Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale a great writer and Director those 2 guys are. The movie has a lot of great visuals in it Hill Valley , Twin Pines / Lone Pine mall , The Clock Tower. Now for a film such as Back To The Future you would think their would be a lot of Special Effects in it. Well not exactly the film only had about 30 visual effects in total by ILM and Kevin Pike’s team. And of course we can’t talk about Back To The Future with out talking about The Delorean Time Machine. The Car is so iconic and the sound effects it makes awesome!!! Overall I give Back To The Future a 9.5 / 10. A great film and one of the best action comedy’s of all-time. Roads where we’re going we don’t need Roads