Retro Reviews : TV Series : MacGyver (1985-1992)

Hello Geeks new review today for Retro Reviews on the blog and it’s a start of some reviews of some TV Series and it’s one of my favorite ABC’s MacGyver which aired between 1985-1992. MacGyver , Recently I spent 3 weeks binge watching the series on The 7 Season DVD Collections and it was fun to revisit this series. It is one of my favorite TV Shows of all-time still is to this day. Before their was Superhero TV Shows like Smallville , The Flash , Arrow and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. their was Mac aka MacGyver he’s part Indiana Jones part James Bond but without weapons and just uses his duck tape and his intellect to get himself out of tough situations. 7 Seasons , 2 TV Movies and even a Comic Series later the list goes on. The story behind this show is a interesting one now back in 1985 when ABC decided to do the show they aired the pilot episode but the 2nd episode did not air until October of 1985 very usual even today. Normally you air the 2nd episode of a 1st Season of a series the next week but early on ABC did not know if MacGyver become a hit series but eventually it did. Richard Dean Anderson great in the role of MacGyver and he brought a lot of wit and humor and heart to the role and also he can handle himself in a fight when MacGyver needs to. The show for it’s time in the mid 80’s to the 90’s was ground breaking and from Seasons 2 to the 1st half of Season 6 was great. Started to not be bad but some of the 2nd half Season 6 episodes and Season 7 episodes until the series finale got away from what the show was about but it ended on a high note. MacGyver a great show and one of the best of the pre Superhero Shows age of TV. Check it out if you missed it well worth the watch. It currently available on DVD via The Season Sets  from Paramount / CBS Home Entertainment  and on via Streaming on Amazon Instant Video , Hulu etc.