What content is to come on Kenny’s Star Wars Corner for September

Hello Star Wars , Marvel , Disney and fellow Geek Fans. I know in my last blog post I said the blog was going on hiatus but what I forgot mention was what content is coming once it comes back in September. Well here is what is to come here goes , 1. Some more reviews of TV Shows and Movie both current and from the past it will start with MacGyver (1985-1992) , then Back To The Future (Part 1) from 1985 and others as well plus come November and December once I see them in theaters reviews of Spectre the new 007 James Bond Film and the big one Star Wars (Episode 7) The Force Awakens , 2. Some Comic Book and Novels reviews as I get them , 3. Some more thoughts and opinion articles , 4. Some reviews of any Geek stuff  Toys and Collectibles etc and 5. Continue to blog as often as I can. And that is what is to come on Kenny’s Star Wars Corner in September. Take Care all and May The Force Be With You Always!!!