Retro Reviews : Superman (1978)

Hello Geek Fans and Comic Book Fans , I’m going to be reviewing a classic superhero movie Superman or as it is known Superman The Movie from 1978. I 1st saw Superman The Movie in 1990 on HBO one day and I like the film. From the opening shot of the movie with those opening credits and John Williams great Superman theme it was magical and then you see the planet Krypton and everyone from Jor El on is speaking in English and then it gets to Smallville where it is small town U.S.A. where lots of cornfields are and then you get to Metropolis then the jokes start and it’s one liners and the humor comes in. The Cast in this film Marlon Brando as Jor El , Gene Hackman as Lex Luthor , Ned Beatty as Otis , Margot Kidder as Lois Lane and others and of course the title role Christopher Reeve as Superman / Clark Kent. Now Christopher Reeve he was much an unknown when he was cast’ed in the role of Superman and not a lot knew about him as side from his work in smaller films and on Broadway. And then the questions came in can he pull off the role? Is he too small for it? etc, But Christopher Reeve was determined to show the filmmakers that yes I can play Superman and bring him to life. This movie was also made in the era before Computers and Digital Technology in Film Making everything in the film was done by hand and with models and miniatures. The Director Richard Donner was also one of the people who does deserve a lot of credit for making the movie and bringing it to the screen. It was Donner’s vision and his willingness to get Superman right on screen that made the film the classic movie it is today. Also John Williams score and soundtrack for the film one of the best themes in movie history and still is to this day. Now today their are a lot of Superhero movies but lets not forget that Superman The Movie was the 1st big and successful film made. Overall I give Superman The Movie a 10 / 10 a great Superhero film and still holds up well today. One of my favorite superhero movies of all-time.