Retro Reviews : Raiders of The Lost Ark (1981)

Next up in Retro Reviews I’m going to be reviewing another one of my favorite movies of all-time Raiders of The Lost Ark from 1981. Raiders of The Lost Ark is about a adventurer named Indiana Jones and his quest for artifacts and his adventures along the way. I 1st saw this movie when it was on USA Network in 1993 and then on home video 1st on DVD in 2003 and on Blu-Ray Disc as part of The Adventures of Indiana Jones Collection in 2012. Directed by Steven Spielberg and produced by George Lucas with a screenplay by Lawrence Kasdan and story by George Lucas and also Harrison Ford in the title role of Indiana Jones this movie is a one of the best of all time and a throwback to the 1930’s / early 1940’s adventure films of that time. The also has a strong supporting cast with Karen Allen as Marion Ravenwood , John Rhys-Davies as Sallah  , Denholm Elliott as Marcus Brody and the main villains of the film Paul Freeman as Rene Belloq , and Ronald Lacey as Toht and in one of his 1st film roles Alfred Molina as Satipo. The idea for Indiana Jones came when both Steven Spielberg and George Lucas where on vacation in Hawaii , Lucas wanted to get away from the opening of Star Wars and Spielberg was in post production on Close Encounters of The Third Kind , and then George asked Steven : What do you want to do for your next movie Steven? Well I’ve been trying to get Cubby Broccoli to allow me to direct a James Bond film, And then George said : Well I got something better than James Bond it’s called Raiders of The Lost Ark and the rest is history. The movie opening is so iconic with Indiana Jones looking over a mountain that looks like The Paramount logo and then the adventures of Indiana Jones began. The movie is filled with lots of amazing action , stunt work and great scenes and quotes from the film and yes the snakes too. Snakes why did it had to be snakes? such a iconic line from the film. The Special Effects in the movie where done by ILM Industrial Light & Magic and as with Star Wars , Superman The Movie , and The Empire Strikes Back the effects for Raiders of The Lost Ark where done in the days before Digital Technology film making. The Music for Raiders of The Lost Ark was done by  John Williams and featured the Indiana Jones Theme The Raiders March one of the most iconic pieces of film music of all-time. The film would go on to be a big box office hit for Paramount Pictures in the summer of 1981 and later 3 Indiana Jones Sequels where made. Overall I give Raiders of The Lost Ark a 10 / 10 a great movie one of the best of all-time and still holds up well today.