Why this Star Wars Fan is excited for Star Wars (Episode 7) The Force Awakens and The new era of Star Wars

Hello once again my fellow Star Wars Fans , Well in about 4 months we have a new Star Wars Film coming with Star Wars (Episode 7) The Force Awakens and more Star Wars coming.  Why am I excited for Star Wars The Force Awakens and this new era of Star Wars well 1st before I talk about that lets talk about how we get to this point. October 2012 the month of the sale of Lucasfilm and Star Wars to the Walt Disney Company and on that day the feels hit the fan and the questions began what is going to happen with Star Wars? , is The EU Expanded Universe going to be now non Canon? , What going to happen to the books and comics? is Star Wars The Clone Wars going to continue? What was the future of Star Wars going to be under Disney / Lucasfilm after the sale? Well in 2013 the 1st of those questions was answer 1st in 2013 Star Wars The Clone Wars was canceled / winding down now at the time I was sad when it got canceled but now I understand why it had to go. We then in 2014 got  Star Wars The Clone Wars  The Lost Missions 1st on Netflix and then on DVD / Blu-Ray Disc and then The Clone Wars Legacy Story reels content and now comics and novels still set in that era. The next big change came with Lucasarts being no more and it being sold to EA Electronic Arts and future Star Wars Games will come out of EA , Dice and Visceral. The third big change to come from this new era of Star Wars was The EU Expanded Universe now called Star Wars Legends and The Canon being The 6 Live Action Films , The Clone Wars TV Series and any future Films , TV Shows , Comics from Marvel Comics , Books from Del Ray Books and Disney Publishing and also The Dark Horse Comic Series Darth Maul Son of Daithmir being Canon and Legends but more so Canon and also The Lucasfilm Story Group was created. The Fourth big change in this new era of Star Wars that came was a new animated series Star Wars Rebels set between Episode 3 Revenge of The Sith and Episode 4 A New Hope during the dark times of the galaxy. And finally the 5th and the biggest thing coming from this new era of Star Wars is new Star Wars Movies coming with Star Wars Episodes 7 , 8 and 9 of The Sequel Trilogy and The Star Wars Anthology Films beginning with Star Wars : Rogue One in 2016. But it’s all going to start with Star Wars (Episode 7) The Force Awakens and for me as I Star Wars fan for 25 years I’m excited for new Star Wars. Now I understand some fans think that Disney / Lucasfilm is not going to honor all eras of Star Wars some are saying their going to ignore The Prequel Era. To that I say this for those who are worried The Force Awakens is a Sequel to Return of The Jedi and The Force Awakens is going to be moving forward in The Star Wars Saga not backwards and all eras of Star Wars including The Prequel Era will not be ignored. Now that’s not to say their won’t be nods to The Prequels and The Original Trilogy in their because their will be. All I’m saying is their not going to reference things 60 years in the past after TPM and before TFA. Remember Lucasfilm is making The Force Awakens and making Star Wars and not Disney. And remember they are still putting out stuff from the prequel era like Black Series Action Figures from Hasbro and more recently The Little Golden Books have adaptations of The Prequel Trilogy so stuff from The Prequel Era is still coming out and it is not being ignored plus Star Wars Rebels is set between the end of The Prequel Era and at the beginning of The Original Trilogy Era. I know some fans and Prequel fans are tired of  The Practical , Practical ,  Practical comments made from Disney / Lucasfilm and J.J. Abrams that where made at San Diego Comic Con and that was talked about in that reel that was shown on the official site but understand star wars fans it is not a knock on the Prequel Trilogy it’s just that they want to go back and do effects like their was in The Original Trilogy effects days and yes their will be some CGI in The Force Awakens but again it’s not a knock on The Prequels and also most of The Crew working on The Force Awakens grew up on The Original Trilogy to them that is their Star Wars they grew up with. I like all 6 Star Wars Films equally and enjoy all of them and I like and enjoy Prequel Era Star Wars Fans and many I enjoy their thoughts on the interwebs and have had longstanding friendships with over the years on social media and through different Star Wars Podcasts since 2011 and I like The Prequel Trilogy as much as anyone along with The Original Trilogy and Star Wars The Clone Wars and also Star Wars Rebels that being said however this whole Disney / Lucasfilm are going to ignore The Prequels comment that some can’t just get over is just not true because The Story Group and Lucasfilm / Disney will try to make sure it is not ignored. Relax Star Wars fans everything will turn out fine. This is a new Star Wars Movie era we as fans of the series where going into and the goal of The Force Awakens is to move forward in the star wars story and getting a chance to see Han Solo , Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker on the big screen again also with new heroes and bad guys like Fin , Ray , Poe , and Kylo Ren will be a wonderful thing come December 18th 2015. And with all the new Toys and Collectibles , videogames , Books and Comics coming out in prep for The Force Awakens that’s going to be great too. I’m excited for this new era of Star Wars and I can’t wait to see Star Wars (Episode 7) The Force Awakens on December 18th 2015 in theaters. May The Force Be With You Always!!!