Star Wars Force Friday September 4th 2015 : What to expect and will we get a lot of product?

Hello their Star Wars Fans and fellow Geek Fans sorry I have not posted a blog in a while kind of busy the last 2 weeks. But I’m back with a new post. Star Wars Force Friday September 4th 2015 the day the new Star Wars Toys Action Figures , Vehicles , Collectibles etc.  for Star Wars (Episode 7) The Force Awakens , Star Wars Rebels Season 2 The Original Trilogy and The Black Series. What will we get well that is kind of unknown at this point we have had very little leaks of products plus Hasbro , Sideshow Collectibles , Hot Toys , Gentle Giant Studios , Kotobukiya , Topps Trading Cards and other licensees have been hush hush on what we could get on Force Friday September 4th. We do know that Topps will be putting out a Star Wars : Journey To The Force Awakens Trading Card set plus Del Ray Books Disney Publishing and Marvel Comics is putting out a Journey To The Force Awakens Book Line but other than that not much. I think the reason why Disney / Lucasfilm has not let any of the  licensees announce what is coming is because of one reason and one reason only they don’t want spoilers from The Force Awakens to get out on a Toy product , collectible etc. that’s the reason why. That leads to the next question will their be a lot of product for Force Friday on September 4th? In years past with past Midnight Madness’s with The Prequel Trilogy Toy Lines from 1999-2005 and The Clone Wars from 2008-2013 their was a lot of product that came out but remember that was pre Disney / Lucasfilm Sale now with Disney owning Lucasfilm who know how much product will be released for Force Friday. If you listened to Star Wars Podcasts like RebelForce Radio , The Wolfpack Podcast ,’s The Realm Recap , The Star Wars Underworld , Coffee With Kenobi , Geek Out Loud , Assembly of Geeks , The Cantina Cast , Star Wars Jogcast , The Star Wars Report Family of Podcasts (The Star Wars Report , Star Wars Beyond The Films , Star Wars Bookworms , The Star Wars Report : RebelsRoundtable , Cloud City Casino) , Fandom Awakens Radio and others or Youtubers like FlyGuy.Net , Sithlord229 etc. their under the impression and I tend to agree with them that their is a possibility we may not get a lot of product for Force Friday but also we just don’t know what to expect. One thing is for sure will find out on September 4th 2015 Star Wars Force Friday what new Star Wars Toys and Collectibles we as Star Wars Fans will get. May The Force Be With You Always!!!