My 1st Star Wars Action Figures : Power of The Force 2 (1995-2000)

Some Star Wars Fans have asked me Kenny what was your 1st Star Wars Action Figures you ever got? Well the answer is simple it was in 1995 now before 95 I did not own any Star Wars Action Figures now of course  I did read about The Kenner Vintage Star Wars Action Figure Line from 1977-1985 but 1995 the re launch of The Star Wars Action Figure line from Kenner / later Hasbro was my introduction to Star Wars Action Figures I was born in July of 1983 the year Return of The Jedi came out and never got the original star wars action figures from 77-85 . I remember getting them like it was yesterday Christmas Day of 1995 waking up in the morning getting those Star Wars Toys and their they where The Millennium Falcon , The X-Wing Fighter and The 1st wave of Action Figures from the relaunch Luke Skywalker , Han Solo , Obi-Wan (Ben) , C-3PO , Darth Vader , Lando Calrissian , Hoth Han , Hoth Luke and other to come later on in later waves. Now of course Star Wars Action Figures Today have gotten better in terms of likeness and sculpting and The 1995 Figures are not as good today as they where then but back in 1995 it was sometime awesome to see. Sure the figures had Hee-Man type of body’s on the figures but seeing Star Wars Action Figures for the 1st time in 10 years and in the case for me the 1st time ever was something to see. And that is how I started collecting Star Wars Action Figures.


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