Retro Reviews : TV Series : Star Wars The Clone Wars (2008-2014)

Next up in Retro Reviews I’m finishing my Star Wars Films and TV Shows reviews (well at least until Star Wars Rebels Season 2 starts up again soon in the fall and when The Force Awakens comes out in December) by reviewing the animated series Star Wars The Clone Wars. Star Wars The Clone Wars 2008-2014 , What been said about this great animated series that has not already been said 6 Seasons 1 Movie etc. Early on it did not start out that way at 1st though The Clone Wars when it 1st aired did not have a network , the episodes aired out of order which later would be fixed and corrected when the series came out and released on Netflix in 2014 , listed in The Clone Wars Episode Guide Book and aired in chronological order. Plus Continuity wise The Clone Wars smashed through the previous existing Clone Wars Continuity that came before aside from those little problems though this remains a great animated series. The early Seasons both Season 1 and 2 where good but The Clone Wars hit it’s stride in Seasons 3-6 with some amazing episodes that expanded on The Star Wars Universe and The Prequel Era. The Animation , voice acting and the great work Dave Filoni , George Lucas and the rest of The Cast and Crew brought to the series was awesome and amazing. The Voice actors for the series James Arnold Taylor , Ashley Eckstein , Dee Bradley Baker , Tom Kane , Stephen Stanton etc. all did a great and amazing job giving life in their performances bring those characters from the page to animation. The Stories where good and make The Prequel Era better than what came before. While as Star Wars Fans we are sad to see Star Wars The Clone Wars go it lives on in our hearts and it will always remain a part of Star Wars and is now part of The Canon aka Story Group Canon of Star Wars stories. Star Wars The Clone Wars an outstanding series and always will be.