Retro Reviews : Return of The Jedi (1983)

Next up in Retro Reviews I continue my Star Wars Movie reviews by reviewing the final film of The Original Trilogy with Return of The Jedi. Return of The Jedi , What can be said that has not already been said one of the best films and sequels of all-time and a great Star Wars film. It had everything The Continuing Story which thought to be the end of The Star Wars Saga , Luke Skywalker , Han Solo , Princess Leia , Lando Calrissian , Obi-Wan (Ben) Kenobi , Yoda , C-3PO , R2-D2 , Darth Vader , AT-AT and AT-ST Walkers , Super Star Destroyer , Stromtroopers , X-wings , TIE Fighters , new Rebel ships , John Williams Music , ILM’s Effects , Richard Marquand’s Directing plus new Characters such as Jabba The Hut , Emperor Palpatine and so much more. It was the end of The 1st Star Wars Trilogy and we thought at the time the end of The Saga plus The Rebels got a major Victory of The Empire and Anakin Skywalker was redeemed by his son Luke Skywalker. A great ending to a great movie. I 1st saw Return of The Jedi on VHS in 1995. Did not see this film in the theaters when it was 1st released in 1983 (was not born until 1983) or The Special Edition Release in 1997 just missed out on it. I’ve only seen the film on home video. Overall I give Return of The Jedi a 10/10 it is a great movie and The Story of Star Wars will continue on in 5 months from now with Star Wars (Episode 7) The Force Awakens when it is released on December 18th 2015.


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