Fandoms I Enjoy : Doctor Who

Next up in The Fandom’s I Enjoy series of blogs I’m going to talk about Doctor Who. Doctor Who one of the best TV Shows of all-time it’s been around for 52 years and counting. The quotes , Would you like a Jelly Baby? , Fantastic , Allons-Y , Geronimo etc. they have become so iconic. The Story , The Doctors (all 12 , 13 if you include The Other Doctor or The War Doctor) and the companions and monsters , bad guys along with The T.A.R.D.I.S and The Sonic Screwdriver are just some of the things that makes the show lasted for so long. I came into Doctor Who rather late I did not watch The Classic Doctor Who Series (1963-1996) my introduction to Doctor Who was New Who (2005 to The Present) with Series 5 in 2010 and The 11th Doctor Matt Smith and since then I’ve been a fan of the show and started watching all the episodes from New Who and The Classic Series. Got my own Sonic Screwdriver and some of the 5 inch Doctor Who Action Figures of The Doctors. My favorite Doctors are from New Who The 11th Doctor Matt Smith , The 10th Doctor David Tennant and The 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi , from The Classic Series my favorite Doctor is The 4th Doctor Tom Baker. Doctor Who is still as popluar today as it was when it 1st started in 1963 and with Series 9 of New Who coming in September it’s going to get even better. As The Doctor say Geronimo!!!