Fandoms I Enjoy : Disney

Next up in The Fandom’s I Enjoy series of blogs I’m going to talk about Disney. Disney aka The Walt Disney Company , The characters like Mickey Mouse , Donald , Duck etc.  the Parks Walt Disney World , and Disneyland , the movies both live action and animated , TV Shows , Toys & Collectibles it’s been around since 1923 the year it was founded by Walt Disney. My passion for Disney started in the early 1990’s during renaissance era with films like The Little Mermaid (1989) , Beauty & The Beast (1991) & The Lion King (1994) and many other films that came after that. Disney today is as popular as it has ever been now in The Bob Iger Era with The Walt Disney Company now owning other Film Franchises like Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm with Star Wars & Indiana Jones , Pixar as well as owning The ABC Networks like ABC , and ESPN. And the future of Disney is bright  with new theme part attractions coming soon in the near future and the many film both animated and live action and TV Shows to come. Disney is magical!!!