Fandoms I Enjoy : Star Wars

This is the 1st in a series of blogs called Fandom’s I Enjoy and today I’m going to start with Star Wars. Star Wars what can be said that has not been said already 6 movies and soon to be more , many animated TV Shows , some TV Movies , Books , Comics , Video games , Toys , Collectibles , and this list goes on. I became a Star Wars Fan in 1991 and have been one for the past 24 years , have seen 4 of the 6 films in theaters and I’ve collected many Star Wars Collectibles and Toys and I’ve been a loyal Star Wars Fan to this day. This series of Films is what got me into Geek Culture. Star Wars is awesome and is still going strong today now with Disney owing Lucasfilm with new films , comics , books , video games etc. coming out in The Canon aka The Lucasfilm Story Group Canon. May The Force Be With You Always!!!